Delivering #Realmexicanfood

to munich´s homes

This pandemic time requires people that are willing to go the extra mile for their passion: we want to keep providing Munich its #RealMexicanFood!

This is a time to innovate and try something new, how about preparing mexican food at home? we deliver you with the ingredients, recipes and tips you need to become a #MEXpert

What is an ITACATE?

The word ITACATE derives from the nahuatl "itacatl", which refers to a bag used to transport food. Nowadays, this word is frequently used in México for a lunch bag or when there is leftover food after a party, your friend will offer you to take some home: Llévate tu ITACATE!

We might even deliver your Itacate in this Mexican-German Volkswagen Käfer ;) !

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